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Get in-depth feedback on the medical records from a Legal Nurse Consultant to achieve your lawful goals. A critical assessment can make a crucial difference.

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At Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC, we aim to bring unparalleled healthcare expertise into the legal realm. Led by Linda M. Thompson – an exceptional healthcare provider known for being compassionate – our comprehensive array of services provides attorneys with outstanding support and representation when facing healthcare-related legal matters. These include Medical Records Review and Analysis and Screen Medical Cases for Merit.

Our Services

Services Ensuring Medical Insight for Legal Success

Introductory Consultation

Legal healthcare issues require personal guidance to resolve effectively. When discovery assistance becomes an obstacle to solving legal matters, we offer expert support in navigating its intricate web.

Screen Medical Records for Merit

Screen medical cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits.

Medical Records Review and Analysis

Analyze electronic medical records, hospital policy, and procedures and interpret their relevance to your case

Reports and chronologies

Documenting critical aspects for efficient case administration. Conduct an introductory consultation session as necessary.

Identify Deviations from Medical and Nursing Standards of Care

Identify adherence to and deviations from the applicable standards of care.

Discovery Assistance

Utilize our medical expertise to review records, analyze information, and assist in the development of case strategies related to the medical aspects of the case.

Exhibits and Demonstrative Evidence

Develop educational materials to present to the jury pertaining to medical issues in an easy-to-follow and understand format.

Locate Expert Witnesses

Assistance with locating expert witnesses to support and strengthen your case.

Free Consultation Available for Medical Insight

Our Introductory Consultation is free. Contact us now and allow us to show your firm how Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consult PLLC can save you valuable time and money!!
Our Distinctive Qualities

Medical Insight for Legal Success

9 Year Experience

A promising quality that keeps us ahead is our experience.

Valuable Insight

Unveiling critical perspectives for informed decision-making.

Free Consultation

Access expert guidance without financial barriers.

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Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m


Greensboro, NC, USA


 (336) 669-8032

Our Process

From Consultation to Final Documents



Personalized sessions tailored to address your unique needs.

Send Your Documents

Conveniently share your files for a thorough evaluation.

Assignment Process

Efficient allocation of resources for prompt and accurate work.

Final Documents

Meticulously crafted deliverables reflecting our commitment to excellence.


Reviews From Our Attorneys

George Willis

Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC was an incredible asset during my medical case. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail allowed me to comprehend complex medical terminology better, thus leading to a favorable result - I strongly endorse their services!

Robin William

Informed Insight was fantastic to work with when selecting expert witnesses for my legal case. Within minutes, they quickly located an excellent professional whose testimony greatly strengthened it - their dedication and commitment to client satisfaction are unrivaled!

Jane Natasha

I truly appreciate Informed Insight's assistance in creating reports and chronologies for my legal matter. Their thoroughness, professionalism, prompt communication and above and beyond attitude truly exceed their client's needs

Who we are

How Our Medical Expertise Benefits You?

Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC plays an essential part in legal proceedings by offering necessary healthcare expertise that enhances case understanding and presentation. Our services also help legal teams and attorneys successfully navigate healthcare-related legal matters, allowing positive outcomes to occur as quickly as possible. Here’s why you need us: