Our Services

Our Services

Introduction Consultation

Our introduction consultation provides the keystone for our partnership to thrive, wherein we fully comprehend all aspects of your case, understand any specific concerns or objectives you have for us, and strive to deliver excellent service at each meeting. At Informed Insight, we offer a friendly and supportive environment where you can freely discuss your legal matter details with us. With years of experience, we provide invaluable insights that enable us to offer initial advice regarding the optimal course of action for each situation. At our consultation sessions, our primary objective is for you to meet our team, ask any relevant questions, and gain clarity into how our services may benefit your case. We place immense value in promoting strong understanding so you feel secure as we proceed on this legal journey together.

Medical Records Review and Analysis

Our firm’s expertise lies in reviewing medical records related to legal cases, specifically Hospital Policies and Procedures (P&P). EMR data is meticulously scrutinized to pinpoint potential errors, negligence, or malpractice by medical providers. Furthermore, hospital P&P reviews allow us to ensure compliance with industry standards and identify any deviations that might impact a case. Establishing the significance of records strengthens legal strategies, supports claims, and sets an excellent basis for litigation success. Our extensive understanding of healthcare systems allows us to master EMR/HCP systems, ensuring no vital detail goes overlooked during evaluation or litigation proceedings.

Reports and Chronologies

Our talented team excels at producing comprehensive reports and chronologies that offer a clear and concise summary of complex medical cases. We carefully scour medical records, extracting pertinent information from them and organizing them logically and coherently into reports or chronologies. Our reports outline key medical events, tracing their journey chronologically and pinpointing any key influences that might compromise a legal case. Attentiveness to detail ensures no crucial aspect is overlooked, enabling legal teams to evaluate the merits of claims and strategize accordingly effectively. Our reports and chronologies give attorneys powerful tools that enhance legal representation.

Discovery Assistance

While providing legal teams with assistance during information collection and case preparation. At Informed Insight, our legal experts conduct meticulous analyses of large volumes of documents, including medical records, deposition transcripts, and expert reports, to uncover critical facts, inconsistencies, or potential areas of interest that require further attention. Our expertise in deciphering complex legal and medical terminology helps facilitate an expedient discovery process, guaranteeing that essential data are quickly identified. With our deep understanding of legal requirements, we assist legal teams in crafting precise discovery requests with maximum chances for evidence gathering. This service saves time and resources while equipping legal teams to build solid cases against their opponent.

Medical and Nursing Standards of Care

Our team of professionals checks medical practices, protocols, and guidelines to assess whether healthcare providers comply with accepted standards. By comparing actions and outcomes against predefined norms, we can determine if irregularities have taken place that could constitute medical negligence or malpractice. Our comprehensive knowledge of medical and nursing standards ensures a rigorous assessment, giving invaluable insights for developing compelling legal arguments. By employing this critical area of expertise in our work together, we provide the appropriate standard of care evaluation and application in each case.

Screen Medical Cases for Merit

Our Medical Case Screening Service offers an initial review of all medical aspects associated with legal cases. We analyze medical records, facts, and circumstances surrounding them to ascertain their strengths, weaknesses, and potential merit. By identifying critical medical issues, we provide an informed assessment of whether to pursue further actions against specific parties or cases. Our comprehensive screening service involves carefully reviewing medical records and relevant literature and drawing upon our extensive medical expertise to identify critical elements that could affect case outcomes. With our assistance, attorneys make better-informed decisions about whether they should proceed with their case – saving time and resources while increasing their chances of success.

Locate Expert Witnesses

Our specialty is finding credible expert witnesses to assist your legal case with authorizations, experience, and knowledge essential in strengthening arguments for victory. We know it takes finding professionals with these attributes to find reliable testimony supporting ideas for justice in legal disputes. We specialize in this work because it is authoritative for success that your testimony be supported with credibility from qualified sources. By tapping our extensive network and conducting in-depth research, we locate medical and nursing experts capable of offering expert opinions and analysis to strengthen your case. Drawing upon our expertise in specialist witness identification, we help enhance legal teams with knowledgeable individuals capable of providing compelling testimony in court.

Exhibits and Demonstrative Evidence

At Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC, our specialists excel in crafting exhibits and demonstrative evidence that effectively present complex medical information to judges, juries, or any other parties involved in legal disputes. By employing visual aids such as illustrations, charts, and multimedia presentations to convey complex medical concepts easily and understandably, visuals are used. Exhibits and demonstrative evidence provide invaluable context for medical procedures, injuries, and other essential case details, strengthening its persuasiveness and impactful presentation in court. We specialize in creating eye-catching exhibits to enhance your narrative while increasing the chances of a favorable result for all cases involved.


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Reviews From Our Attorneys

George Willis

Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC was an incredible asset during my medical case. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail allowed me to comprehend complex medical terminology better, thus leading to a favorable result - I strongly endorse their services!

Robin William

Informed Insight was fantastic to work with when selecting expert witnesses for my legal case. Within minutes, they quickly located an excellent professional whose testimony greatly strengthened it - their dedication and commitment to client satisfaction are unrivaled!

Jane Natasha

I truly appreciate Informed Insight's assistance in creating reports and chronologies for my legal matter. Their thoroughness, professionalism, prompt communication and above and beyond attitude truly exceed their client's needs


Frequently Asked Questions

Informed Insight Legal Nurse Consultant PLLC provides expert medical record analysis, identification of expert witnesses, development of reports and chronologies, assistance with discovery, evaluation of medical and nursing standards of care, case screening, and creation of exhibits and demonstrative evidence.
Hiring a CLNC offers a cost-effective alternative to engaging physicians as expert witnesses and brings specialized knowledge in evaluating medical records and identifying potential case issues.
We support your team by comprehensively analyzing medical records, assisting with discovery, locating and vetting expert witnesses, and creating persuasive exhibits and demonstrative evidence.
You can contact us through our website, phone, or email to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your case and provide initial guidance on how our services can benefit you.